Site accessibility

This site has been designed and built in compliance with the WCAG 2.0 recommendations of the W3C level Triple A, so as to make its content accessible to all, including people with disabilities and aging populations.

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Main measures taken to make this site accessible

  • All pages are structured with hierarchical headings
  • All images have a text equivalent
  • Labels are explicitly associated with form fields
  • Data table title cells are identified and tables have a table summary
  • All links have explicit content
  • Content is separated from presentation structure by the use of CSS style sheets
  • Language changes, abbreviations and acronyms are tagged
  • Code and style sheets are valid
  • Links that open in a new window are tagged
  • Navigation mechanisms are consistent and easy to understand (main navigation, skip navigation links, breadcrumb trail, search engine, site map)
  • Font size control mechanisms for comfortable reading

Graphic design

The graphic charter was defined and created with accessibility in mind. Contrast and color superimpositions have been designed to ensure that the visually impaired have no reading difficulties.


The editorial content of the site has been designed to allow everyone to understand its contents, using language that is as simple as possible given the technical nature of some pages.

Multimedia and video

This site provides a textual alternative to non-textual elements. When your mouse hovers over a visual, text describes the content of that element. The same information is available to voice synthesizers. We use little or no JavaScript code, and when it is used, we offer an alternative.

Les vidéos disposent de sous-titres et d’une audio-description optionnels, ainsi que d’une transcription textuelle.

Display size

This site has been designed and created in such a way that you can enlarge the text size to suit your needs.

To change text display size:

  • With some browsers: [Ctrl] + mouse wheel 
  • Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape : use [Ctrl] + [+] to zoom in and [Ctrl] + [-] to zoom out 

Tools used to verify compliance of this website

  • W3C HTML Validator 
  • Chrome Web Developer extension
  • aXe Chrome extension
  • Color contrast analyser
  • Microsoft Windows 10 
  • Firefox et Chrome last versions 
  • NVDA last version
  • JAWS last versions
  • VoiceOver on iOS last version