Maturity model and accessibility program

In some cases, accessibility may be as simple as working on a website or mobile application.
For other companies, such as those with many digital products, the best solution is to work on a global scale.

We offer to create a complete transition program for you, aimed at moving digital accessibility from the product level to the organizational level, and making your company a leader in this area in your industry.


The Maturity Model is a tool that provides information about an organization’s ability to produce accessible products in the long term.

It groups together a number of questions (more or less 70, depending on the type of organization) that concern all the pillars of a company, at all levels of responsibility.

  • Internal Policies and Communications
  • Culture and Ecosystem
  • External Communications
  • Knowledge and Skills
  • Product Development Lifecycle
  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Customer Service


Once the study is complete, a detailed report will propose recommendations to create a complete digital accessibility program. A high-level agenda can also be proposed, and we can assist you in the choices to be made and in your development over the short or long term.